Moq Framework

What is Moq FrameWork?

Moq is one mocking library for .NET developers to simulate objects that pretend the behavior of real objects. A programmer generally creates a mock object to test the behavior of some other object. This framework is the only one who takes full advantage of .NET plataform (ex: Linq, Expression Trees) and C# features (ex: Lambda Expressions) that make it the most productive.

Moq supports mocking interfaces, classes(the classes can’t be sealed) and you cannot mock static methods.

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Xna: Recycle Game

Recycle Game is the first game that i created with Microsoft XNA 4.0 framework. It was relatively easy and fast to develop it. I created this game with my friend, Flávio Cadete (Designer), for a little competition of indie games in Portugal, just for fun.
This game is very simple and its goal is to pick up the trash from the streets, to clean the city, and then you have to choose the right color of the container (yellow, green or blue) to recycle it.

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Xna is a Microsoft’s framework that gives you a chance to easily create your own games (2D, 3D) with C# language. This framework is 100% free and if you have a good idea you can also try to sell it at marketplace of windows phone.
Another advantage is that when you are developing a game in XNA, you can do it for three platforms (Windows Phone, Windows an Xbox 360) at the same time.

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