Play Framework & Heroku

What is play Framework?

Play it’s a framework that easily creates Web Applications using Java or Scala. This framework it’s really easy to manage and uses the MVC pattern.

Play Features

  • Free
  • MVC Pattern
  • Testing Tools
  • IDE Support for Eclipse and Intellij IDEA
  • You can create highly-scalable applications

If you dont have any knowledge about MVC Pattern you should read this

Documentation: Here


It’s a cloud application platform where you can deploy your applications Ruby,Node.js,Closure,Java python and scala.
It’s very easy to use together with revision control Git. You can use this platform for free! But it’s only enough if you just want to deploy a simple application.

Try Here

I have created one simple application with Play and then I have deployed at Heroku. This application is really simple and you can check it here: Geyourrecipehere

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